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Dear reader!
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Here you will only find a few illustrations, more of which can be also found at stanyslava.com

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Друзья новые и старые

Старые друзья. я вас очень люблю и совсем не покидаю. просто наше затянувшееся путешествие заставляет задуматься.
Новые друзья. подозреваю что наплыв новых друзей произошел в связи сказанного мной в руссаме. Добро пожаловать, только всё самое интересное рассказывается и показывается в нашем походном журнале stusik_i_sharik а здесь я просто иногда трындю... :)

Женщина в Африке/ Woman in Africa

Пишу. Застряла. Что женщина которая планирует поездку в Африку хотела-бы узнать? Ну кроме безопасности что брать с собой и т.д.?

I'm stuck (writer's block)! what does a woman traveling to Africa wants to know? Beside the usual safety and equipment tips?

Happy Mothers day!

Dear friends, Happy Mothers Day! and on this joyous occasion, especially since I know some of you just became mothers, allow me to introduce you to the bliss of having children:

From a recent conversation with my mother...
- Guess what I did last night!
- Stasya...
- Went diving naked! At night...
- What about the sharks?!
- They don't care if I have shorts on...
- I need you back home safe. In one piece! Arms, Legs, Head... Well I know you lost your head a long time ago....
- Thanks mom...
- Oh just stay safe...

Oh how I hope my children don't turn out to be like me...

I (left) and Geri - screwing around at 40 meters. Don't try this at home...

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Back to Honduras

I miss the whale sharks! A bit worried we will be getting to Honduras tonight at 1am - we'll probably have to spend the night in the airport, though I can't wait to get back in the water.
We'll spend at least the next month and a half on Utila, so if anybody feels like discovering scuba diving or rekindling their lost love with a regulator, come on down!

For our adventures there - read stusik_i_sharik


Guatemala field trip

So here is the story: After spending two weeks volunteering in ARCAS - an animal rehabilitation center in Guatemala, we immediately thought we should bring there our 16 year old niece who is very active in the Florida public school system in the preservation of natural environment. We hoped to take her and some of her classmates on a two week field trip to Guatemala to get up close and personal with the exotic animals and the Mayan pyramids of Tikal, and thought the school would jump at the opportunity, but we were shut down.

Now, our niece still wants to go, and we promised... So I say to hell with the school! We can make this happen on our own! We have devised an 11 day plan with an itinerary and a budget (~$800) for the two first weeks of July 2008. Now who wants to join in?

We are not travel agents (we don't even like them), and we have never done anything like this before, we are just experienced travelers who, if you'll have us, will be your organizers and guides.

To learn more about us - see our profile;
If you are interested, and for more information, (full itinerary, budget breakdown) comment here or in our journal. There is a limit to how many people we are ready to take with us (about ten) so at the risk of sounding like a cheep advertisement: spaces are limited ;)

Links to the chapters of our LJ on these places: