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stanyslava's Journal

7 June 1982
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Who am I?
Stasya (Sarit), nice to meet you. I'm a traveler just like you (unless you are not a traveler). I began my RTW trip with my husband pofig37 in November 2005 and was not able to stop ever since. I went to school for Art, and my work can be seen at stanyslava.com, and in my personal journal, however I rarely write in it as my life is now an open blog on stusik_i_sharik (aka HopStopTravel.com).

Oh, and if you have an illustration or painting job for me, which you don't mind me doing on the road and sending to you by mail or digital file, feel free to ask!

Also check out GopStopTravel.com to see Who Got Scammed/Robbed, How, and When! It's a new wiki we've just started.

As for my story telling abilities, I think wikipedia said it best when describing my astrological sign:"You like talking more ten eating and so mange to say rather slim...you are a great raconteur but tend to exaggerate some facts which often causes arguments with your better half" So very true!

I also created and moderate the community knockeduptravel.
It's about traveling while being pregnant, and/or with small children. Something I plan on doing during one day during our RTW trip.

Life Principals:
*Live and let live
*What doesn't kill me, makes me stronger
*Whatever floats your boat, as long as it doesn't sink mine


In a desperate attempt to answer the question too many people have already asked: "How can you travel so long?! What do you do for money? We've opened an Online Store that sells all sort of products with images Stasya has created, and the best of the best from our photo collection in prints and calendars.

Where am I going?
Everywhere. The plan is not to have a plan.

( We've already been to... South America, Central America... ) AFRICA is next!!!

Read From The Beginning

Where Am I now?
Just go to HopStopTravel.com and see for yourself!


путешествия, здоровье, лытдыбр